My professional interest lies in contributing to societal progress by rigorous research, social involvement and principled action.

Currently, I am:
- Co-Founder and Co-director, True Price
- Assistant Professor of Finance, Radboud University
- Curator of the Amsterdam Global Shapers, a World Economic Forum Initiative
- Member, Worldconnectors.

My key focus now is the monetary valuation of ecological and social externalities, so that we can design a global market economy with sustainable ('true') prices.

I have a professional background in econometrics, behavioral economics, communication training and social start-ups.

Received PhD cum laude. As a student, I won the Dutch debate masters twice, received a 10/10 for my master thesis and won the Bain Strategy Contest. In highschool, two friends and I built a prototype wave motion power generator that won international prizes and was exhibited at the World Expo.


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